How to install Android studio and its components

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Introduction to Android app development( part 3)

How to install Android studio part 2. In our last lecture we learned about how to download and how to install android studio, so if you haven’t installed it yet then here is the link of tutorial .

How to install android studio part (2):

Let’s start how to install android studio part (2).After installing Android studio, when you first time run it a window  will pop up showing you a welcome message click on NEXT. On next window it will ask that which type of setup of you want of your android studio. You will see two options standard and custom.


Standard settings are default preset settings by android studio, whereas in custom you can customize settings according to your own choice.

I recommend to select the default or standard settings. Select STANDARD and click NEXT. Now in next window it is asking that if you want to change or review any of your installation settings. If you want to change your installation type then click previous. If you do not want to change anything then click FINISH to continue.

When you click finish it starts downloading and unzipping various components. Basically it is downloading some important tools, components and SDK etc. which are important to build a project. If you want to see more information about the component’s and archives and about their contents then click SHOW DETAILS.

Mostly it takes two to three hours to complete built tools and SDK download process. Downloading speed depends upon internet connection speed. When download complete FINISH button will become clickable, so click FINISH.

Now your android studio is ready for development. How to install android studio tutorial’s end here. In next tutorial we will learn how to make a new project in android studio, directory structure and some other things.

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