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Introduction to Android app development( part 2)

How to install Android studio. Today, we are going to learn how you can install android studio in your systems. In our previous lecture we learned that how you can install JDK, so if you haven’t installed it yet then here is the link .

 After installing JDK next step is how to install android studio, so you can begin coding. Let’s start and learn how to download and how to install android studio.

Why Use Android studio:

Android studio is used for android application development. previously Eclipse was used for android application development but eclipse was not specifically made for android development. It was also used for other developments such as for java whereas android studio is specifically made for android application development. This is the reason it is best tool to use for android application development.

Steps to download Android studio:

Open goggle chrome or any browser you have installed then write ‘download android studio’ in search bar. You can download it from any link you want. I am going on website name link is here .

When you open website you will see download android studio option.. It also shows that which version of android studio is available. They always have latest android studio version that’s why I will recommend to install android studio from this website.

Click on download android studio a window will pop up, accept their agreement and then click on download button.

How to install android studio:

Now when download complete go to your desktop, here you will see android studio icon double click it.  A window will pop up click next, on next window again click next. Again a window will pop click on agree, in next window it will ask you about location that in which directory you want to save android studio.

You can change path but it is better to save it in C drive so click on next. In next window you can see multiple options, so if you don’t want to create shortcuts then check that option and you will also see install button click on it to start installation.

If you have good internet connection then it mostly takes 20 to 25 minutes to complete setup. Once setup is complete click next. In next window check start android studio option and click on start. A window will pop up and it will ask that if you have already installed any version of android studio then do you want to import it settings.

But if you are installing android studio for the first time then check ‘I do not have previous version of android studio or I do not want to import my settings’ and then click ok.

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