Android App Development (Introduction)

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Introduction to Android app development

Today, we are going to start a new tutorial series for “Android app development” in Urdu or Hindi language. In order to create an android app or program we need specific tools. For android app development the tool we need is android studio. While installing this you can get multiple errors. So here is tutorial on how to install android studio and avoid errors.

  • How to install jdk

Before you install android you need to install JDK on your system.

As android studio use java at its back end.  For working on java your system should have java and for that you need to install JDK. There is no need to worry that which version I should install, install any version it will work fine.

  • Steps to download JDK:

Open any browser you have then write ‘JDK download’ in search bar. You can download it from any link you want. I prefer Oracle website because they always have updated version of JDK.

Remember installation of JDK is essential for android app development.

Link is here .

When you open Oracle website you will see two options JAVA and other one is NETBEANS click on java, it will open a new window from where you can download JDK latest version. Accept their license agreement then download version which is compatible to your Operating system, for windows OS if your system is 32 bit then download x64 version and for 64 bit download x64 version.

How to check that how much bit your system version is:

If you don’t know that how much bit your system version is then right click on “This Pc” or my computer, go in properties. In properties underneath System heading you will see system type. In front of it you can see that how many bits your OS is.

Now when download complete go to your desktop and double click on its icon a window will open click next , then window will show you different folders which will be installed in your directory along with JDK click next. Again a window will open click next, after that in window you will see text written “successfully installed” click close.

Now after that when you will install android studio how it will pick your JDK? For that you need to follow some simple steps

  • Click on my pc or on my computer.
  • Now open your  C drive then program files.
  • Open folder with name Java.
  • Click on jdk folder.
  • Now after opening jdk folder, copy the path written above.
  • Go to desktop
  • Right click on my pc or my computer, open properties.
  • Open advance system settings a window will popup.
  • On window you will see a button ‘Environment variables’ click on it.
  • Under heading user variables for hybrid click on new a window will popup.
  • Write JAVA_HOME in capital in variable name field.
  • In variable value field paste the copied path of jdk, then click ok.
  • Again click ok and close window.

When you will install android studio it will automatically detect JDK. In next tutorial we will see how to install android studio for android app development.

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