How to make an android app -create new project

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How to make an android app -create new project

How to make an android app part 1. In our last lecture we learned about how to install android studio and its components, so if you haven’t watched it yet then here is the link of tutorial In this lecture we will learn first step of how to make an android app which is how to create a new project in android studio.

Let’s start how to make an android app part (1).In last tutorial we learned about how to successfully install JDK, android studio and its components. Now after that when you first time run it a window will open. On that window you will see multiple options, such as ‘start a new project’, ‘open an existing android studio project’ etc.

We will start new project but before clicking on start a new project, you can see that there is and CONFIGURE option at the bottom of window. Computers which have old versions of android studio there configure option will show along with other options.

SDK Versions:

Click on CONFIGURE, you will see multiple options again. First most option is SDK MANAGER Click on it.

SDK Platforms:

A new window will open in front of you, showing all android SDK versions. These are also known as system development kit versions.

In last tutorial when you installed components, built in tools of android it also installed latest version of SDK in your system. You can see that it only installed new version and old versions are still not installed. If you want to install old versions click on Android 7.0, Android 6.0¸ Android 5.1, Android 5.0, Android 4.4 w, Android 4.4 and Android 4.3.

You only need to install up to version 4.3, we don’t need any version older than this. It is not necessary to install these older versions, you can easily do development at latest version. Only install older versions of SDK if you want to work or develop on older versions. To download click OK.

SDK Tools:

On same window next to SDK platform title you will see SDK tools click on it. Here you will see that many options are already check. Which means when we installed built in tools, components etc. in last tutorial it installed all necessary tools you need to build a project.

Tools which are not installed yet, later we will install them according to our requirements. Click OK you will see previous window.


Configure your new project(window):

Click on START A NEW ANDROID STUDIO PROJECT. In front of you a window will open to configure your new project.

Application name:

First text field require Application name, here you will write that name which you want for your application. Name which you give here that will be the name of your application on play store. Enter your application name.

Company Domain:

Second text field require company domain. This basically represent your company. You can have any company you want for this change the name written between TWO DOTS. E.g. change with

Package Name:

Package Name is very important because it is just like a URL which is always unique. It will be used to identify your application on play store from millions of applications. That is why it is important to change company domain because if your package name is not unique you cannot upload your application on play store.

 It is not clickable although if you click on edit you can edit it. Package name consist of Company Domain and then your application name, it combine both these and write in reverse order to make your package name. It is very difficult to change package name after completing or creating a project.

 Here you can now also understand that if you are a beginner then why it is important to learn how to make an android app.

Next filed is of PROJECT LOCATION you can change it by clicking BROWSE, wherever you want to save your project. Now click NEXT.

Target Android Devices (window):

When you click next a new window open. Where you will select factors and device on which your application will run. On this window you can see different android product’s such as mobiles, TV, Wear etc. As right now we are creating project to develop for phone and tablets, so tick this check box if it’s not already checked.

Now it is asking minimum SDK, which means that which is the minimum SDK version on which you want your application to run. Your application will run on min version you choose and all version above than selected min SDK version. Choose your version and click NEXT.

In next window it show some templates that what kind of first screen you want to choose for project. Select EMPTY ACTIVITY and click NEXT. NOW it will ask for activity name.

In our next tutorial how to make an android app part (2), we will discuss it for now click FINISH. After this it will built our first project, tats how you complete first step of how to make an android app.

How to make an android app – create new project tutorial’s end here. In next tutorial we will learn about folders, directory structure and some other things.

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